Sunday, October 6, 2013

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Why, hello there blog. It's been a long-ass time. So, I've been living it up in Middleofnowhere, USA for six weeks now. And while this town has greatly exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations, I am starting to get a wee bit cabin-feverish. Here are some of the places I never wrote about! It's funny, looking back on old photos, it somehow blows my mind that all of that happened while breaking my heart that it's over. Ah, well, there will always be more adventures!

Where did I leave off? Oh right, summer 2012 - Indonesia. I'd never been anywhere so tragically impoverished as Jakarta. I wish you could have been there, could have seen it. It would humble you. The shanty towns butted up against train tracks; the child-beggers, thin as rails; the islands of rubbish floating down the canals. There are infinite towns like this on our big, blue-and-green marble, but Jakarta was the first time I had been surrounded by poverty that consumed and destroyed everything in its path. If I have the right to give anyone advice whatsoever, it would be to go, see it. It's everywhere. It's Marrakesh and Kathmandu and Hanoi. It's Central America and Central Asia. It's worse in Africa. And unless your heart is made out of soot, adamantine and Grinch frowns, it completely changes your perspective on every single aspect of your life.

Top of Borobudur 
But Indonesia does have a lot of beautiful things to see. It's a massive country with lots of diverse populations. Jogjakarta is relatively easy to get to from Jakarta, so we went there.

Inside each of those honeycomb things,
there is a dude.

Dat sunset
And what's a trip to Indonesia without laying on the beach in Baliiiiiii.

And then Singapore. Oh Singapore, you are nothing short of a first world oasis surrounded by a desert of third world countries. Gotta admit, as worthwhile as it is to visit developing countries, it gets emotionally draining. I might not have made it through without a few days in this gem.
The hotel with that super famous infinity pool on top.
I am determined to stay here one day.

Skyline <3
Gardens by the Bay. Gorgeous!

Anyway, I don't have much to say, just feeling nostalgic. You know how it is, getting older and whatnot. Hopefully I'll get caught up with writing about some of these countries soon. I have like 12 more to share with y'all! TTFN!


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