Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby's First Spring

Not sure what's gotten into me, but I actually have nice things to say about Korea. It's probably the weather. Something about temperatures above freezing and flowers in bloom would put anyone in more chipper, less kill-all-children mood. This is my first proper spring ever! Growing up in Southern California, it wasn't unusual to hit the beach over winter holiday or wear shorts year round. I distinctly remember learning about these things people called "seasons" as a child and not quite comprehending what my teacher was talking about. Los Angeles - land of perpetual sunshine, fresh produce and traffic as far as the eye can see. Then we moved to Texas somewhere in there. Some people don't believe me when I talk about how hot it gets in Houston right around August. Over the last few years they've seen some snow down there which is probably an indicator that the apocalypse is right around the corner. So get ready for that. I remember my first winter out of Southern Cal. It got down to around 40F and I thought I was going to freeze to death.
But spring in Korea man. Two words: Cherry. Blossoms. I mean, there are pink fucking trees everywhere. Give me a cotton candy tiara and a purple unicorn named Moonbeam and we've pretty much made my childhood fantasies come true. Except maybe the one where the carpet turns into lava. Though in the interest of full disclosure and to just be a sour bitch (as per the usual) this was actually the only cherry tree blossoming at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Nice timing on this one, Korea.
The Yeouido cityscape isn't a bad one. Just pretend there are a bunch of flowers on those trees to get what they were going for.
The weather has definitely allowed for more sightseeing around Seoul (read: I spent so much fucking time in temples I might as well become a monk - because really all it takes is a few strolls around a few temples, duh. No drinking, no talking, no sexing, can't be too hard, right?)
This one's neat though because of the random western style architecture. So take a left at city hall and surprise! You're in Washington DC. And while you're there, do your best to achieve a 9% approval rating just like everyone else in that town. Anyway, I wanted to write about some other stuff too, but blogging is really, really boring. I cannot begin to understand how/why people do this more often than at a level accurately described as "almost never." Toods, bros.

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